Tunesday // Lost Stars by Adam Levine

That's right. I'm starting off Tunesdays on this blog with Adam Levine. Y'all can make fun of him, roll your eyes at his not-that-good new singles or wonder what in the world he is doing these days with his talent, but take a second to remember Songs About Jane, and you'll soften your heart. If you don't like Songs About Jane, we have another issue entirely. 

Back to Adam. I had wanted to see Begin Again since this summer, but it was released right in the middle of our transition time - moving, packing and traveling. I couldn't find a showing of it anywhere, and resigned to the decision that I'd just have to watch it when it was released on video. 

Jared and I watched it about a month ago, and once it was over, I claimed I wanted to watch it all over again, unmoving in my seat on the couch. The music and storyline are wonderful, and can I just say that Adam Levine is not a bad actor?

I listened to the soundtrack on repeat the next few weeks, playing it as I chopped vegetables for our Thanksgiving meal or while I was doing chores, whistling and humming to myself around the house. This soundtrack was my special, guarded place, and I liked it that way. 

BUT THEN my favorite artist (Matt McAndrew, DUH) on The Voice performed this as a duet with Adam last night, and I knew I couldn't keep this song to myself anymore. Soon, it would be popping up on the charts and playing on the radio. I knew if I wanted to share a truly good Tunesday with y'all, I had to be quick. If you haven't heard it before, give it a listen. If you have, I hope you love it as much as I do. 

Listen to the duet version here