Hero // Family of the Year

When Jared and I were married, we decided to start new traditions to share with each other, because, in my opinion, every couple should have a special thing(s) they share.

Since we lived in Houston (where EVERY movie is always playing) and we both loved going on dinner-and-a-movie-dates, we decided one of our traditions should be to watch every film nominated for Best Picture before the Academy Awards took place. I'm proud of how well we've done - we've seen them all except Wolf of Wall Street (sorry, Leo) - but this year has been more of a challenge.

Because of Jared's demanding study schedule and because we now live in a smaller (but still really cool!!) town with more limited movie options, we've had to get more creative in completing our tradition. Rather, we've relied heavily on our local video rental store (Yes!!! They still exist!!!), seeing two matinees in a row and Amazon Instant Video.

Our favorite so far has been Boyhood, and not just because of the unbelievable amount of time it took to make the movie. We also loved the soundtrack (this song's on there) and the fact that it was based in Houston for the majority of the movie. Watching the movie transported us back to the land of unbearably hot summers,   the shrines that are Whataburgers on every corner and how it felt to be newly married in a new city, starting new traditions .

It reminded us that, although we now live in a different city with things that are still so unfamiliar to us, we have a tradition that can stay the same no matter where we go. Here's to traditions and movie soundtracks and films that remind you how sweet a season of life can be.

p.s. We only have four movies left to go - I think we can do it! Happy Tunesday.