Hello. Are you there?

Where do I start? Hmm. Perhaps I’ll begin with this: when I typed “jamtheblog.com” into my browser’s toolbar, Squarespace so kindly informed me that the website had expired. Want to know what’s worse? I didn’t even know it had expired until that very moment. Whoops.

I could come up with a million reasons why Jam sat vacant for months. There was the obvious excuse: Jared and I had a long distance marriage over the summer, resulting in fewer trips to the farmers market and more visits to Chipotle – fewer Sunday suppers and more tv dinners for one.

Then there was summer itself. It’s hard for me to cook in the summer. Rather, it’s hard for me to write about what I cook because I use no recipe. Summer is meant for throwing random fruits and veggies and grains into a bowl and calling it dinner, right?

Here's the biggest reason, though: I was prideful and embarrassed all at once when I saw that domain hanging there. Prideful for wanting this space to be something it wasn’t, embarrassed that I let Jam stay static for so long.

I’m not going to quit this blog, however. Sure, it won’t be updated as often as I updated In the Loop, but that’s something I am slowly starting to accept.

Just as the seasons dictate the food we choose to eat, so do the seasons of life shift our priorities. As much as I’d love to cook a really cool, straight-from-a-magazine, Instagram-worthy meal (thoughts and desires I’m trying to break!) I’ve come to realize that a simple supper of sautéed vegetables over rice is just as good, if not better. Better because I’m making it with a heart of contentment, thankful to be where I am, plain meals and all.

I do hope you’ll check back for updates – I am cooking through Alice Waters’ The Art of Simple Food, so I know there will be recipes I can’t help but share.

If you read to the bottom, I salute you. There aren’t even any pictures?!

Until next time (which is soon..because I actually have another post lined up!!)